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It's free to sign up, and it's free forever. Not only that, but you can earn some serious cash as an iTrip Trusted Real Estate Partner. Scroll down to learn how.

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We'll pay you $1,000 for every property that you refer to iTrip once they sign up for our world-class property management services.

2% Recurring

You'll earn 2% of gross rental booking revenue from that property for as long as the property is under contract with iTrip.

Online Marketing

A banner ad marketing your name and contact information is included on the iTrip property listing page for every referred property.

Directory Listing

You'll get a FREE listing in our Trusted Partners Directory. The listing includes your headshot and contact information.

Leave-Behind Materials

Place your marketing materials in the referred property for all vacation guests to see. Many vacation guests are potential buyers in the market.

Get Repeat Clients

If the property owner ever decides to sell their vacation property, we'll refer the owner back to you!

Here's How it Works

How can you earn more money as a real estate professional? Watch the video to find out how our Trusted Real Estate Partner Program works.


3 Easy Steps

  • 1. Sign Up

    Once you sign up, you’re ready to start earning some serious, recurring cash.

  • 2. Refer Properties

    Refer property owners who are interested in using their property as a short-term vacation rental, either full-time or part-time, to iTrip Vacations.

  • 3. Earn Money

    When the homeowner signs on with iTrip, we’ll send you $1,000 plus 2% of the rental’s gross revenue.*

*2% of gross monthly rental revenue as long as the property is under contract with iTrip Vacations.


No sign-up or login required. Our Trusted Partner Directory is 100% FREE to use!

About iTrip Vacations'
Trusted Real Estate Partner Program

iTrip Vacations was founded in 2008 by vacation rental property owners who wanted to create a significantly different and better business model for other vacation rental property owners. In addition to working with property owners, we partner with real estate agents who have experience working with owners who are purchasing or have property in use part-time or full-time as a vacation rental.

Located in over 100 vacation destination markets, iTrip is uniquely positioned to connect you to a quality real estate agent who understands vacation rentals and your needs.